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    Get prepared for a cooking revolution! Our spice packs make anyone a three hat chef!

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Love what you cook… cook what you love.
Put some spice in your life

William Cowper famously said “Variety’s the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavour.” How true he was!


With Nice and Spice you can be a celebrity chef in your own kitchen. Amaze your friends with delicious dishes worthy of any swanky restaurant. The spices in our recipe packs have been carefully measured to give you the right amount of spices for each dish. Our gourmet spice rubs have been expertly blended to add that perfect something to any meal, whether your a vegetarian or a meat lover.


Cooking is all about having fun and experimenting with new tastes ….. enjoy, jump in and add some spice to your life. Nice and Spice….making cooking cool!

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